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Demineralized Whey Powder

ALPAVIT Demin: Top quality for the manufacture of baby food and high quality food products

By using and combining the latest technologies such as ion exchange, electrodialysis and nanofiltration, coupled with our many years of experience in whey processing, we are able to manufacture products which meet the highest demands of quality.

With its well-balanced amino acid profile, the ALPAVIT Demin range provides a high quality source of protein which presents an ideal foundation for healthy infant formula.

ALPAVIT Demin 90 is manufactured using a specially patented process. This process spares the product and also guarantees a maximum level of bacteriological product safety. The flexible combination of the latest demineralisation technologies enables it to meet specific customer demands. In this way, mineral profiles can be adjusted in a targeted way. ALPAVIT Demin 90 is therefore perfectly suited for the manufacture of high-quality baby food from the first month of life.

ALPAVIT Demin 70 is manufactured via the selective reduction of minerals. Particularly for follow-on formula, it offers all the features which are required of ingredients for baby food, such as an ideal source of protein and carbohydrate, well-balanced mineral composition and high stability during processing.

ALPAVIT Demin 90 and 70 are the highest quality sources of protein and carbohydrate. They stand out thanks to a well-balanced mineral composition and good and stable processibility. The high proportion of essential amino acids is ideal for the development of the body’s own proteins. Lysine and methionine and the improvement in the amino acid balanced associated with these complete the protein spectrum of vegetarian foodstuffs.

ALPAVIT Demin 50 is an important ingredient in the manufacture of a wide range of food products, particular confectionery and baked goods, due to a reduction in the salt content and its resulting impressive sensory profile.


DE - ÖKO - 006

ALPAVIT Demin 90’s amino acid composition:

Essential amino acids
in grams / 100g Protein (approx. value)
Threonine Thr 7,0
Valine Val 5,7
Methionine Met 1,7
Isoleucine Ile 6,4
Leucine Leu 10,3
Phenylalanine Phe 3,1
Lysine Lys 8,7
Tryptophane Trp 2,4

Non-essential amino acids
in grams / 100g Protein
Asparagine Asp 10,5
Serine Ser 4,8
Glutamine Glu 17,6
Proline Pro 5,9
Glycine Gly 1,8
Alanine Ala 4,9
Cystine Cys 2,3
Tyrosine Tyr 2,9
Histidine His 1,7
Arginine Arg 2,3


Scope of application for ALPAVIT DEMIN


ALPAVIT Lactose: Top quality for the highest demands

ALPAVIT Lactose is not a standard product. This is where more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and consistent high quality pay off. Made from fresh whey, it is suitable, as a high-quality source of carbohydrate, primarily for use as a valuable component in baby food recipes, and also for all uses in the food product industry.

The natural Riboflavin content (Vitamin B2) in Lactose edible gives the product its typical light yellow color. The high purity makes Lactose a defining raw ingredient for a large number of applications in the dietary and foodstuff industries.

ALPAVIT Lactose is produced in different grain size distributions in pharma, refined and edible versions.




ALPAVIT Lactose pharma is a α-lactose monohydrate and is produced according European Pharmacopoeia (Lactosum monohydricum), C12H22O11 · H2O (Mr=360.3 g/mol).

Lactose is used as a pharmaceutical additive in the manufacture of tablets, capsules, powders and granulates. Ground lactose is particularly useful for the wet granulation of tablets.

ALPAVIT Lactose pharma is available in the following variants:

a-Laktose Monohydrat



ALPAVIT Lactose refined is produced by means of a double crystallization process. The fine quality which is achieved by this is used primarily in the baby food sector.

ALPAVIT Lactose edible is suitable as a high-quality nutritious energy source or as a “mild sweetener” instead of sucrose in many food applications. The low level of sweetness in lactose (see table) of only approx. ⅓ in comparison to sucrose allows it to be used both for ‘sweet’ uses and ‘piquant’ uses where lactose also works as a flavor enhancer. Lactose is less cariogenic than other types of sugar.

Sweetness of various carbohydrates:
Carbohydrate Relative sweetness
Sucrose 1,0 (standard)
Fructose 1,3
Glucose 0,7
Lactose 0,3

Scope of application for ALPAVIT Lactose 

Whey Derivatives

Whey protein concentrates

ALPAVIT 30/8 is a high-quality whey protein concentrate. It is used in the food products industry both due to its high nutritional content and its special functional characteristics, mainly as a stabilizer and fat substitute in ice-cream, yogurt, confectionery and baked goods or as a substitute for skimmed milk powder.

ALPAVIT 30/8 is characterized by:

  • good fluidity
  • pure, light sweet flavor
  • functional features: Formation of emulsions and improvement of creaminess

ALPAVIT 26/16 is a partially desugared sweet whey powder and important protein provider for diverse food product recipes. Due to its high mineral content, it is primarily suitable for salty-spicy products.

The most important fields of application and desired functional characteristics of ALPAVIT 30/8:
Use Functionality

water binding,

Milk products
Yogurt, cream cheese

Water binding,
structure formation


water binding,


egg replacement


Whey powder (non-crystallized)

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, ALPAVIT 12/8 H in its powder form offers excellent sensory characteristics without a salty aftertaste. It is used particularly for whey drinks and other “wellness products”.


Scope of application for ALPAVIT Whey derivatives

Roller-dried Milk Products

Thanks to the special roller-drying technology, ALPAVIT roller-dried powder is well suited as a raw ingredient for chocolate manufacturing and fat-based masses. The high fat content and the special particle structure of roller-dried milk powder offers technological advantages in the manufacture of chocolate masses.

The intense milk flavor with light caramel notes makes for an outstanding taste in the final product.

We manufacture our ALPAVIT roller-dried milk powder organically and from Alpine milk by customer demand.

ALPAVIT Roller-dried whole milk powder: Use in milk chocolate and fat fillings

Customer-specific solutions: Customer-specific product solutions are also possible.


Structure of whole milk powder roller drying

Structure of whole milk powder spray drying


Scope of application for ALPAVIT Roller-dried milk products

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